Our 2017 Gift Guide: Happy Holidays!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, thank you for spending the season with us! Enjoy the day – then come visit us tomorrow to find all your New Year’s decorations and our After Christmas Sale. shop champagne glasses and accessories

Our 2017 Gift Guide: You waited til now!?!

No worries, last minute shopper. We got this. YOU got this. You know EXACTLY what they want, right? No? Don’t look at us, we’ve been trying to help all month. If the rest of this list hasn’t inspired you perhaps we could suggest the gift that has never failed to impress: a Kaboodle Gift Card….

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Belgian Waffles

A favorite appliance with Belgian cooks for practically forever, the Croquade whips up MMMMMMM-inducing waffles baked just the way you want, be it sweet or savory, soft or crunchy. Interchangeable plates allow you to  cook both traditional American waffles and thick Belgian waffles, with deeper pockets for all that syrup (we are partial to the…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Tea Time

Whether it’s tea for two or just for you, Kaboodle has the Teapots, Stovetop Teakettles, and Tea Accessories you and yours need to brew a cup. Black, green, oolong, loose leaf, bagged… whichever you like it, we’ve got it covered. There’s even an amazing Matcha Set from Kotobuki! Shop All things TEA

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Kaboodle’s Cocktail Tool Set

John, Kaboodle general manager and resident cocktail aficionado, says the Kitchen Kaboodle Bar Tools Set is a favorite. These tools will turn you into an awesome mixologist while making you look pretty darn stylish in the balance. The set includes a cocktail shaker that doubles as a mixing tin, a double jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a mixing…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Kai Personal Folding Steak Knife

Perfect for the foodie on the go, the design of the Kai Personal Steak Knife is based on the original Japanese-style folding pocket knife. Like the original, it opens easily with a slim, elegant lever, but with no spring assist. Unlike the original, this knife features a secure liner lock, to ensure the blade stays…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Cold Brew Coffee

Brew it cold. Drink it cold. Taste the difference low acid, cold-brewed coffee can make. Kaboodle has a Cold Brew system for every coffee lover. Check out our break down of a few of our favorite cold brewers here, or shop our full assortment by clicking the link below: Shop CoFFEE COLD BREWERS

Our 2017 Gift Guide: The coolest Cribbage Board

Carolynn, one of our fabulous buyers, found this cool spin on a classic game board that is the perfect gift for the low tech gamer or for family game night.  Take it away, Carolynn: “When I saw these wonderful map cribbage boards from Woodchart, I was reminded of my grandfather. He taught me to play…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Unordinary Glass

Those sober and staid Austrian glassmakers at Riedel have unleashed their creative side with the Nachtmann line of glasses, designs that are not what one expects from Riedel. The set of four Highland whiskey glasses features four classic, cut-glass patterns that enhance the appearance and enjoyment of cocktails. The stud-like facets of Punk glassware, designed…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Jungle Love

We have the gifts and stocking stuffers for self identified Crazy Cat Ladies, Dog devotees, Llama lovers, fans of Foxes, and even Whale-watchers. You’ll find pretty products positively plastered with Pigs, Bears, Hedgehogs, and even a couple of Wolves. Shop MORE FUN ANIMAL GIFTS

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Vitamix

We’ve had the Super Blenders from Vitamix on our Gift Guide in years past. It’s hard to ignore the value Vitamix brings to the kitchen, wether you’re planning to use it for food prep or just as your morning smoothie machine. What made it even harder to ignore this year was the additional $50 you…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Frothed Milk, and a whole lot more

Here’s another Kaboodle-Elf-endorsed gift idea for under the tree from one of our in-house experts: “I just bought the Breville milk frother and it is AMAZING!!!!! Not only can you froth 2% milk AND hemp milk , but you can also use it to heat up and make spiced cider or mulled wine. I tried…