Kaboodle’s 20016 Gift Guide: Happy Holidays!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, thank you for spending the season with us! Enjoy the day – then come visit us tomorrow to find all your New Year’s decorations. Shop new year’s gold shop champagne glasses and accessories

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: The gift that keeps on giving

Dear last minute shopper, have you waited too long? Yes, our staff does have ideas – and we also have gift cards! When you can’t decide what that perfect gift should be, a Kaboodle gift card is an excellent option. Any amount, any time, at any of our stores. How can we help? shop gift cards

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: French Press

French Press Coffee is a favorite of our Progress Kaboodler, Emily. She says, “This was the first coffee making method that I used that wasn’t a drip machine. It really elevated how I experienced coffee.” A classic, an original, available at Kaboodle. Shop french press

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Gifts in a Jar

Susan at our Broadway store likes the variety of food products we sell, particularly from Stonewall Kitchen. She suggests a simmering sauce to use with your slow cooker, grille sauces for the Kamado Joe barbecue, or a  jam to make that quick and easy hors d’oeuvre for a holiday party. And don’t forget the salt!…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Chantal ID-21 Nonstick Skillet

Annabel at our Northwest store found a new favorite in the Chantal Induction 21 non-stick skillets. She says, “It heats quickly and has a good, durable non-stick surface.” Another only-at-Kaboodle product in a variety of pieces. shop ALL chantal induction 21 

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Gurgle Pot

Shane at our Orenco Station location thinks that the Gurgle Pot is a pretty fun gift. Imagine a fish shaped pitcher that goes glug, glug, glug as it pours! Yep, that is a gurgle pot! Designed by a local artist and available in many colors. Use as a water pitcher or a vase. shop gurgle…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Chantal EOS Stockpots

Lynn, merchandise manager and cookware buyer, is partial to the enamel-on-steel stock pots from Chantal Cookware. Brought back by popular demand, these pans boil faster than most cookware and the presentation is beautiful. Stainless steel rims protect the pans and glass lids allow you to see what is happening as you cook. Three sizes, two…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Give the Scent of Paddywax

Emily, store manager at Orenco Station, loves the scents from Paddywax candles. These soy-based candles are “clean burning and last a long time. The scents they deliver are fabulous!” Check out the variety of Paddywax candles at all Kaboodle locations. If you prefer unscented candles, we have those as well. Shop Paddywax candles

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Holiday Mugs

When it is cold outside and a cup of hot chocolate is in order, Kaboodle has the best holiday mug assortment. A favorite of Sarah H. at Broadway is Gnome Sweet Gnome: “Everyone needs a reminder that there is no place like gnome.” Come check out our collection of holiday mugs and hot chocolate, too!…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Cook the Book

The Mighty Gastropolis Portland is a favorite book of Sarah W. at our Broadway store (not to be confused with either Sarah H. or Sara B., who are also at Broadway). A recent transplant to the Rose City, Sarah W. loves the book because she says, “I really loved learning about the histories and philosophies…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Le Creuset everything!

Le Creuset cookware is a favorite for Jackie. And Mike. And Brandt and Emily, plus a bunch of other Kaboodlers! Each has their favorite story about how this cookware is both versatile and beautiful for presentation. Mike, Broadway manager, is all about the tarte tartin pan. Progress manager, Brandt, loves the 3.5 qt. braiser for…

Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Craft-A-Brew Beer Kits

Sadie, from our Northwest location, is now our resident Brewmaster! She recommends the Craft-a-Brew beer making kits. She says, “The kits are all you need to make great beer at home: organized, easy to follow recipes, and instructions that can make a beer-maker out of anyone.” Choose from various beer styles: IPA, Wheat, even President…