Our 2017 Gift Guide: Unordinary Glass

Those sober and staid Austrian glassmakers at Riedel have unleashed their creative side with the Nachtmann line of glasses, designs that are not what one expects from Riedel. The set of four Highland whiskey glasses features four classic, cut-glass patterns that enhance the appearance and enjoyment of cocktails. The stud-like facets of Punk glassware, designed…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Jungle Love

We have the gifts and stocking stuffers for self identified Crazy Cat Ladies, Dog devotees, Llama lovers, fans of Foxes, and even Whale-watchers. You’ll find pretty products positively plastered with Pigs, Bears, Hedgehogs, and even a couple of Wolves. Shop MORE FUN ANIMAL GIFTS

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Vitamix

We’ve had the Super Blenders from Vitamix on our Gift Guide in years past. It’s hard to ignore the value Vitamix brings to the kitchen, wether you’re planning to use it for food prep or just as your morning smoothie machine. What made it even harder to ignore this year was the additional $50 you…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Frothed Milk, and a whole lot more

Here’s another Kaboodle-Elf-endorsed gift idea for under the tree from one of our in-house experts: “I just bought the Breville milk frother and it is AMAZING!!!!! Not only can you froth 2% milk AND hemp milk , but you can also use it to heat up and make spiced cider or mulled wine. I tried…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Good Mood Swings

Sharks and unicorns and monkeys and giraffes and so many more. Cute wooden creatures as pendulum clocks made from baltic birch plywood and printed with non-toxic water-based inks. Lovingly hand assembled and shipped from Massachusetts. Shop MODERN MOOSE CLOCKS

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Local Love

There is no place like home for the holidays, and we are pretty partial to Portland! Local love abounds in our stores; from ornaments, to books, to cookware, to food products and linens. Well, you get the idea. Kaboodle, only in Portland, since 1975. Shop All things portland and Oregon

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Très Mignon

Pig and Chicken roasters aren’t just cute, but practical too! Made by the French company Revol and used commercially throughout Europe for years, adhering to the strictest standards for durability and performance. Porcelain bakeware equally at home in the oven or on the table. So time to season the Cochon and roast the Poulet. Bon…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Chantal Enamel on Steel Soup Pots

Chantal 4qt and 8 qt enamel on steel soup pot. A versatile combination of enameled steel and a beautiful porcelain exterior. For a limited time, get the 4qt soup pot for $39.99 or the 8qt stock pot for $79.99. The tempered-glass lids make it easy to monitor cooking, and are oven safe to 375 degrees….

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Shani’s fave

From Shani, at our Broadway store, comes a personal endorsement for the Fagor Multi-Cooker. “What more can I say about the Fagor LUX LCD Multi-Cooker than I love it???!!! Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker and a yogurt maker? This machine is the hero of the kitchen for me. I’ve always loved the idea of…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Throw that Party

Friends are coming over. The drinks are poured and the decorations are up. The holiday season is full of entertaining and parties and at Kaboodle we have what you need to host that soiree. Beautiful feasting boards for your charcuterie spread. Glasses for Martinis to Moscow Mules. Linens to top the table. So send out…

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Do-It-Yourself

For all of you doing DIY gifts, we are ready for you, with Portland’s best assortment of bottles and jars for your jams, jellies, lemoncino, infused oils, Kahlua, bitters and more! From 2oz to 5 liters, our stores are stocked and ready to go! Shop EVERYTHING FOR THE DIY GIFT GIVER

Our 2017 Gift Guide: Wood Chart

A favorite of Kaboodle staff, and with customers alike, is our collection of Bathymetric Maps. From Portland (ours) to Portland (the other one) and now on to Europe, maps that blend digital technology and good old-fashioned wood. These t3-dimensional maps of bodies of water are fascinating! Easily drop-shipped, but act quickly for that, shipping deadline…