Van Ordinaire?

We can’t resist showing off the new artwork on one of our delivery trucks. No ordinary camion now, it’s something of a rolling billboard for Kaboodle and Le Creuset. It even has our little slogan in French. Thanks to Le Creuset for the great images.

We’ll Recycle Your Nespresso Capsules

Sure, you can open up all your used Nespresso capsules, throw the coffee in your compost can and the capsules in the recycling can. Or…you can just bring the old capsules to any Kaboodle store, and we’ll recycle them for you. Easy!

It’s Almost Here…

…outdoor furniture for 2015, that is. We’ve cleared out a lot of space for a whole bunch of good stuff. Stay tuned.

Spring Looks

Sure, it’s a dull, drab, grey February outside, but inside we’re setting some colorful tables for Spring. Come on in and see them.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

It’s that time of year – time to count every last spatula, napkin and sofa in all our stores. So, we’ll be shortening our hours just a little bit, to give us time to count. • Saturday, Jan. 24, Orenco Station store closes at 6:00 pm. • Sunday, Jan. 25, Orenco Station store opens at noon,…

As Seen on the Sidewalk

Peter, the manager at our NE Broadway store, did this on our A-frame sidewalk sign. Isn’t it great? And yes, that is  Neil Diamond.

What were your Favorites in 2014?

Here are our favorite products of 2014. We’d love to hear what yours were. Let us know what was new in your kitchen or home in the last year that you really liked. We’ll randomly pick one of the comments and award the writer a $100.00 Kaboodle gift card! Happy New Year everybody.

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Dedica Espresso Maker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 18 When it comes to pulling a great shot of espresso, Danny reaches for the sleek Dedica espresso maker. Come in and try a cup or see it online now: Dedica Espresso Maker