A Mighty Fine Gin & Tonic

Made with Tanqueray Malacca gin, water carbonated in a SodaStream, and homemade tonic water syrup (recipe by Jeffrey Morganthaler here). The glass is a Top Class tumbler and we’re using an ice cylinder made in this.

Black Manhattan

Why not a cocktail recipe? This gorgeous drink features Averna, an Italian amaro, instead of the vermouth found in the classic Manhattan. And, we’ve used Bourbon instead of Rye for a softer, sweeter taste. The glass is the Paris old-fashioned glass 2 ozs. Bourbon, we used Four Roses Small Batch 1 oz. Averna 1 dash…

The Dream Bar

We just saw this bar at the High Point, North Carolina furniture market this past week. It’s pretty cool, with an incredible degree of design and manufacturing excellence. No surprise, really, considering it’s made by BDI, who makes fabulous home theater furniture. The wood is either light oak or walnut, the top is etched glass….

A New Hot Pad Idea

We just saw this item and we’re think of carrying it. It’s called the Handle Hands and it has won a bunch of design awards. It’s a rigid, silicone-lined grip that clamps and locks onto a  pan handle. You just squeeze to lock it on, then push the buttons at each end to release it….

There’s a New Fiesta Dinnerware Color Coming.

Calling all Fiesta fans…coming sometime this summer is a brand-new color called Poppy. As you can see, it’s a beautiful red-orange, slotting in between current Fiesta colors of Tangerine and Scarlet. Look for it at Kaboodle soon.

Oregon Spirits in Chicago

An alert Kitchen Kaboodle buyer, attending the big International Housewares Show in Chicago,noticed this on a restaurant menu. It’s not just Oregon wines and beers that are getting recognized these days. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Congratulations To Our Winners!

Four lucky Kaboodle Insiders won the February gift box, and very nice set of Henckels stainless-steel kitchen tools and utensils. Let’s hear it for Allison C., Len N., Sheryl W., and Theresa L.! All you have to do to have a chance of winning yourself is first become a Kaboodle Insider, then open your weekly…

History Gone In A Day

This old building, next door to our office and warehouse, was demolished on Tuesday, March 3rd. It was, at one time, a very nice, restored old structure, the former home of Molly McGuires tavern, and something of an industrial NW Portland landmark. (Go here to read the interesting history of the Molly McGuires secret society…

Kaboodle Gets Rocked at The Nines.

Sadie and Justin are at it again, showing wedding couples how the personal Kaboodle touch can make a gift registry fun and hassle-free. This time they’re at the Rocked event at The Nines hotel in downtown Portland.

Good for Us…Good for You!

We’ve been anointed by Le Creuset with the title of  Preferred Dealer. Big deal, you might say. But, wait! It’s not just an empty title. What it means is that we get things first, new things from Le Creuset, such as new colors, new products, and even exclusive things. And that means – ta dah!…

Opinions Wanted

This is a kamado. What is a kamado? Well, let’s go to Wikipedia, which says a kamado is traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fired earthen vessel used as a stove or oven. The kamado has been popularized in this country under the name Big Green Egg. This is my particular kamado at my home. I…