Finex Factory Fun

A good time was had by all at Thursday evening’s Finex factory tour. Thanks to everybody who came to see how these works of cookware art are made. Those of you who took advantage of the special pricing…you’re going to love those pans! We hope to persuade the gang at Finex to do this again…

We’ll Recycle Your Nespresso Capsules

Sure, you can open up all your used Nespresso capsules, throw the coffee in your compost can and the capsules in the recycling can. Or…you can just bring the old capsules to any Kaboodle store, and we’ll recycle them for you. Easy!

It’s Almost Here…

…outdoor furniture for 2015, that is. We’ve cleared out a lot of space for a whole bunch of good stuff. Stay tuned.

Spring Looks

Sure, it’s a dull, drab, grey February outside, but inside we’re setting some colorful tables for Spring. Come on in and see them.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

It’s that time of year – time to count every last spatula, napkin and sofa in all our stores. So, we’ll be shortening our hours just a little bit, to give us time to count. • Saturday, Jan. 24, Orenco Station store closes at 6:00 pm. • Sunday, Jan. 25, Orenco Station store opens at noon,…

As Seen on the Sidewalk

Peter, the manager at our NE Broadway store, did this on our A-frame sidewalk sign. Isn’t it great? And yes, that is  Neil Diamond.

The Kids Are All Right

The new Culinary Arts Program is up and running at Lincoln High School in downtown Portland. It’s popular, too, with more students wanting to get in than there’s room for. Students not only learn to cook, they learn about the career possibilities in the various sectors of the food industry. We think it’s a good…

Kamado Joe Friday: Smoked Pork Loin with Cherry Almond Glaze

To celebrate the season of moister meats and wood fired flavor we are sharing another Kamado Joe recipe each and every Friday. We’ll feature an amazing recipes from their Cooking Channel, featuring meat master John Setzler, and share Kaboodle staff recipes from time to time. From brisket to lasagne, salmon to smoked almonds, the Kamado Joe really…

Some Love For Our Friends at Bergstrom Wines

We at Kaboodle would like to thank the Bergstrom family, first of all for making such fine wines, but also for furnishing the outdoor areas at their beautiful tasting room with furniture from Kaboodle. Go visit the winery in Newberg; think how beautiful it is when the sun shines!

Look What Kelsey Did!

Using a roll of chalkboard table runner paper and a piece of chalk, Kelsey at our NW store created great art for the table. C’mon, you can do it, too!

Thank You, Stephen Colbert!

You’ve heard of how Amazon is using its monopoly position to squeeze Hachette and its authors, including Mr. Colbert? Well, don’t kid yourself; what Amazon is trying to do to books, it wants to do to everything. Whether it’s bowling balls, tennis shoes, or auto parts, Amazon wants to monopolize the sale of everything. Everything….

Pok Pok Som Cocktail Recipes

Pok Pok’s drinking vinegars, know as Som, are both tart and sweet. They make refreshing soft drinks, mixed in a ratio  of one part Som to four parts soda water. Used full strength in cocktails, they’re a wonderfully subtle source of flavor. And of course, Pok Pok Soms are made right here in Portland.  …