Advertising at Kitchen Kaboodle


Truck advertising is one of the most cost effective ads with the most visual impact. Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. Metro trucks are seen by 14 million pairs of eyes a year. Advertising on our delivery trucks is a great way to attain higher visibility in and around the Portland, Oregon market without the visual distractions of bus and train advertising.


Truck Side (4 available) • $8000.00 for 2 year term
Measures 228” wide by 84” tall

Truck Back (2 available) • $4000.00 for 2 year term
Measures 87” wide by 84” tall

Price includes design, installation and maintenance

02. Cable Television Ads

Cable television advertisements run throughout the year on a mix of cooking, food and lifestyle related channels and programs. We favor :15 second television spots that allow us to bookend commercial breaks as the first and last sponsored message seen.

03. Comcast Sign In Takeover Ads

Sign In Takeover Ads with Comcast are available to us as Sponsorship level advertisers. They enable us to put our message in front of every Comcast customer in the Portland-metro area that signs into their account to watch television online or pay their monthly bill for a 24 hour period.


04. Hero Images

Splash images on our website’s homepage are changed seasonally and are seen by all visitors to

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Desktop View

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05. YouTube Ads

Youtube ads targeted to specific interests and locations allow us to put video content in front of the right shoppers. Le Creuset is featured as part of our WHERE THE LOCALS GO campaign.


06. Blog Posts

We use our blog to give ideas, inspire and connect with our customers in was that are usually less promotional in nature. Le Creuset was featured twice in fourth quarter as part of our 2016 Gift Guide:

  1. Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: Le Creuset everything! posted 12/15/16

  2. Kaboodle’s 2016 Gift Guide: A Christmas Classic posted posted 12/9/16