RECIPE: The WithCo Mexican Old Fashioned

Our new favorite cocktail mixes are from WithCo, which stands for With Company. WithCo makes delicious cocktail mixes using 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives. Try their Ellis Old Fashioned mix in this recipe.

From WithCo:

When you find a good sipping tequila, it’s like liquid gold. We twisted a classic cocktail recipe to celebrate our love for tequila, and you’d be surprised how naturally they fit together. WithCo’s Ellis Old Fashioned mix features Madagascar vanilla and orange oil that suit tequila perfectly, you’d almost think WithCo made it with tequila in mind. Use Anejo for a light, smooth taste, but we especially love it with Mezcal for a rich, smokey flavor. Either way, the Mexican Old Fashioned will treat you just right after a long day. 

To Make a Mexican Old Fashioned:

01 – Pour .5 oz Ellis Old Fashioned in a mixing glass over ice
02 – Pour 2 oz Tequila (Mezcal or Anejo)
03 – Stir for 30 seconds and strain into a rocks glass
04 – Add an orange garnish to float on top

If you’re hosting, this recipe can be batched in a pitcher ahead of time for simple sipping and easy refills. WithCo’s Ellis Old Fashioned has every ingredient you need in a single splash, so you don’t have to have an elaborate bar cart to host anymore. Best of all, the Ellis Old Fashioned holds 32 servings per bottle, so one bottle is enough for the whole gang! Based on our experience, you’ll be grateful for every last drop.

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