KNOW HOW: How to get the best results from your Bread Cloche

from Emile Henry

A Bread Cloche will enable you to make your own bread, with a crispy crust and soft inside.

Preparation and cooking

Prepare the dough and leave it to rise at room temperature, protected from any draughts. The Bread Cloche is perfect for baking a loaf of around 1.2 kg (2 1/2 lbs), which corresponds to approximately 750 g (1 1/2 lbs – 6 cups) of flour.

Having risen for the first time, knead the dough again and place it, with its final shape, in the Bread Cloche.

When using the dish for the first few times, make sure you sprinkle quite a lot of flour liberally over the surface. Ceramic naturally becomes non-stick over time, but your bread may stick to start off with.

Leave the dough to rise again. Always let the dough rise for the precise time indicated in the recipes. If you let it rise for too long, the dough will rise too much and the yeast will be tired. 

Just before cooking, make rapid, smooth incisions in the surface using a baker’s blade. These incisions create weaknesses in the crust and allows it to rise.

Place the closed Bread Cloche in a pre-heated oven – generally at 240°C / 460°F

The Bread Cloche maintains a perfect humidity rate during cooking. There is no need to add water in the oven while cooking.

Once cooked, remove the cloche and leave the bread on the platter to cool so the crust remains crispy.

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