KNOW HOW: Moka Stovetop Espresso Makers

In this video from ChefSteps, coffee expert James Hoffman shows you how to make the most delicious cup you’ve ever brewed using the Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker. 

We have fallen in love with ChefSteps. These intrepid food nerds often take a kitchen idea WAY too far, and we like that a lot. It’s nice that they genuinely committed, every step of the way, to the craft of preparing delicious flavors that excite and delight. Which is why it’s so neat when they slow down, pull back, and feature super-useful tips on the everyday. Like the Moka Espresso Maker. Tried and true, often misunderstood, but fiercely guarded by those in the know, these Italian designed marvels of coffee making produce top notch results when used right. Let ChefSteps show you the way in this video.

We’ve got Moka Espresso Makers in all sizes, and Coffee Grinders, too. And if you, budding gastronaut, like ChefSteps recipe content and want to give their premium subscription a shot, we suggest checking out JOULE, the sous vide machine designed by ChefSteps themselves. It’s available now at Kaboodle, ships FREE, and it comes with a FREE premium subscription to their site. Pretty cool!




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