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While these long days at home have provided an opportunity to learn a few new cooking tricks and recipes we’ve never tried before it’s also given us the time to work on perfecting the basics. Like roasting a chicken.

Never roasted a whole chicken at home before? Give this recipe from our friends at LEARNING HOW TO COOK a try — it’s super easy and makes for crispy skin and moist meat without too much fuss or time.  Pair it with Dijon Aioli Roasted Veg for a great weeknight meal that is sure to please. When the meal is all finished and it’s time to clean up, reduce landfill waste with tips on composting at home. If you aren’t already, now’s the perfect time to get set up.

Golden Roast Chicken

Would you believe us if we told you this only required 15 minutes of prep before throwing in the oven and letting it do its thing? Roasting a chicken is easier than it sounds, y’all!

I am a strict rotisserie-chicken-from-the-deli type of person. I avoid raw chicken at home when possible because it often feels a little high maintenance. Also, germs. But I’m here to tell you this roast chicken was one of the easier things we’ve prepped on this blog and honestly turned out super moist. We used fresh lemon and garlic to stuff the inside and brushed the outside with liberal amounts of butter, herbs and salt and pepper before tossing in the oven for a little over an hour to get crispy and golden. That’s it!

-from the LHTC Team

Roasting brings out the complexity and sweetness of vegetables no matter the season. Just as tasty in Spring as in Fall, roasted veg is a great side dish that allows your main course to take center stage while also providing lots of great nutrition and a pop of color to the plate.

This recipe from Kilpatrick Family Farm is so simple but infinitely adaptable to all sort of different vegetables. If you find that you like your roasted veg a little on the burnt side (no shame, the crispy black bits are our favorite, too) be sure to keep a close eye on these as the timer ticks down. The added sugar in the mustard can burn easily.


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  1. anjigoes says:

    The veg recipe names garlic but leaves it out of the aioli, so it ain’t aioli!

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