ON SALE NOW Sleeper Sofas and more by Luonto

Luonto is a family-owned Finnish company whose name means “nature” (more about that later). Since 1970, they’ve been building fine furniture in Finland; since 2012, they’ve been bringing their sofas to the U.S. Luonto’s philosophy emphasizes simplicity, functionality, Scandinavian design, and environmental responsibility. For a very limited time, we’re pleased to offer an additional 10%-OFF  our in-stock Queen-sized Nico Sleepers as well ALL Luonto custom orders. That’s right, ALL CUSTOM ORDERS ARE ON SALE, including sleepers, sofas, tables, chairs and more. Don’t delay, sales and orders must be completed by February 18th. 

Luonto builds everything themselves, including their exclusive sleeper mechanisms. The frames are made from Finnish birch – Luonto owns their own forest that they replenish on a tree-for-tree basis – making them extremely durable. The foam for the seat cushions has a density of 2.2, about 25% higher than the industry average. Everything is made in Luonto’s own factory by employees who average 20 years employment with the company. And, that factory is utterly clean, because every bit of wood waste and sawdust is collected and formed into pellets that are used to heat the factory and surrounding communities. Luonto products carry a 10-year guarantee on the frames and a 2-year guarantee on the sleeper mechanisms.

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