COCKTAIL RECIPE: Nitro Diving Bell

On Growlerwerks’ 7th Day of Cocktails my uKeg gave to me:  The “Nitro Diving Bell”

This green concoction uses @mizubateaco Matcha Tea to give it it’s unique color while making it extra delicious in flavor. It’s sure to have all your guests wanting more!

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Nitro Diving Bell


  • 22.5oz Gin
  • 18.75 oz Macchu Pisco
  • 15 oz Honey Syrup
  • 7.5 oz Mizuba Culinary Matcha
  • 10-15 drops Orange Blossom Water


  1. Add ingredients, stir, turn cap to “infuse setting”, shake for 60 seconds, turn cap down to “pour” setting and enjoy !

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