2018 Gift Guide: Demeyere Industry Saucier

Demeyere Industry is the best stainless steel cookware and, only at Kitchen Kaboodle, it has the best price. This holiday season, you can give the gift of superior performance and design for under $100 by shopping local.
The Industry line is Demeyere’s 5-ply stainless steel: what that means is that extra layers of aluminum alloys improve the cookware’s responsiveness to heat. Cooking jobs that require a little dexterity like caramel, hollandaise, and Persian crispy rice are simplified thanks to those 5 hard-working layers that will heat up or cool down on a dime. What sets Demeyere apart from other professional stainless steel cookware is their quick-cool handle with rivetless welding, tight-fitting lid, and patented Silvinox® treatment. Each piece of cookware is treated in a series of electrostatic baths that prevent the shiny exterior from tarnishing. Just polish with vinegar and Demeyere shines like brand new for years to come while the comparable 5-ply cookware looks dull and greasy.
The Saucier, also known as chef’s pot or everyday pan, is the most versatile pot in the line: it’s a hybrid between a saute and a sauce pan that can play both roles. Anything from risotto and soups, to even melting chocolate or clarifying butter can all be easily done in the saucier. The sloped sides deny food the ability to get stuck in the corners and burn or overcook. so say goodbye to the double boiler or glass-bowl-over-boiling-water contraption, MacGyver.
Get the cook in your life that needs a serious upgrade to their cookware the only pot they will need in the Demeyere Industry Saucier and it will last them a lifetime. See the special Zwillingfest price of $99.99 only at Kitchen Kaboodle. Take that, Jeff Bezos!”

-Jayce, Orenco Station Store



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