2018 Gift Guide: OXO Grater & Slicer Set

The OXO Grater & Slicer Set IS very underrated, but super good! This bad boy is convenient to store, easy to clean in the dishwasher or out, useful and effective. I’ve used it for cheeses, of course, but I’ve also used it for creating shredded and julienned apples for tuna salads, thin and consistent slices for pickling, and even zesting of citrus. It has a bucket to collect all your bounty, as well, so it’s better than a box-grater for transferring from prep to cooking.
Cannot sing it’s praises enough!”

-Ari, Orenco Station Store

Whether you’re powering through Holiday Meal Prep or gifting to someone getting their healthy-eating on in 2019, the OXO Grate & Slicer Set is a can’t miss kitchen multitasker that stows away in a tiny package when not in use.



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