Our 2017 Gift Guide: Frothed Milk, and a whole lot more

Here’s another Kaboodle-Elf-endorsed gift idea for under the tree from one of our in-house experts:

“I just bought the Breville milk frother and it is AMAZING!!!!! Not only can you froth 2% milk AND hemp milk , but you can also use it to heat up and make spiced cider or mulled wine. I tried the spiced cider and it was so easy. No mess or worry about burning the cider on the stove. It can make up to three cups at a time and will serve 2 to 3 people. Hot Buttered Rum and Hot Cocoa are next!”

from Kathryn, our resident milk frother mixologist and all-around ace at the Orenco Station Store.

Shop Breville milk cafe frother

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