Happy Halloween! Today we’re sharing ideas for drinks to make for your Halloween celebrations, great for kids and adults alike! Transform your table into a fun and festive area with these cool bottles from Quattro Stagioni. Thanks to Crazy Little Projects for these great drink ideas!


  • Milk bottles or clear plastic cups
  • Black vinyl
  • Orange crush/fanta
  • Milk
  • Green Gatorade


  1. Cut faces from your black vinyl. Free hand shapes or use stencils. Peel and stick the vinyl to the jars or cups and fill them with the drinks!

  2. Use Orange Crush/Fanta for the Jack-o-Lanterns, green Gatorade for Frankenstein and white milk for the ghost. This is just a starting point – there are lots of great ideas you could come up with for many different drinks!

  3. Enjoy!

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