PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Stonewall Kitchens Apple Cider Doughnut Mix

Adventures with our bakeware buyer Carolynn as she tests products in her kitchen.

Time to make the doughnuts!

One of my sales reps, representing a food line, brought a box of Stonewall Kitchen’s Apple Cider Doughnut Mix to me, triggering childhood memories of the apple cider doughnuts my mother would bring home as fall came on. Having always relied on the bakery up the street for my doughnut fix, I was intrigued by the idea of trying my hand at making the spherical treat. I picked up one of the mini doughnut pans that we sell at the store and spent a much welcome, cool, overcast Sunday afternoon making doughnuts.

The mix was simple, just add your wet ingredients; eggs, milk and melted butter. Combine wet with the dry mix and you are on your way. With my first batch, I used a spoon to put batter to pan, filling half way. It was a little messy, although remember this was my maiden doughnut making voyage and the mess was likely operator error! Trying to find a more efficient way to fill the cavity, for the second batch I used a pastry bag fitted with a large #1A tip. Success!

My kitchen smelled wonderful, with spiced aromas filling the air. The super cute, mini doughnuts rose in the pan and were adorable when removed from the oven. Bite size nuggets of sugary dough were cooling, waiting for the next step of frosting. I felt like a kid again as I dipped the cooled doughnut in the frosting and then, of course…it had to have sprinkles!

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