Carolynn ❤️’s Pizza Stones

Our Bakeware Buyer, Carolynn, has turned her outdoor patio into quite a pizzeria using nothing more than her BBQ grill, a pizza stone, and a little inspiration:

“Saturday night is often pizza night at our house. Gone are the days of buying a pre-made pie and putting it in the oven. Well, ok, mostly gone are those days… Most of our pizza is now done on the grill and it couldn’t be easier!

I received a pizza stone for a gift and learned to love how crisp the dough was out of the oven. This summer, I got hooked making pizza on the grill. Yes, I was tentative at first, thinking the stone would break, but not those from Emile Henry or Pizzacraft. Start with the stone on a cold grill and let both warm up to temp together. Transfer your prepped dough using a pizza peel (that long flat paddle thing) or a cookie sheet to the now warmed stone. Your delicious pie is only a few minutes away.

Dough options abound. Whether you choose a store bought option or create your own, dough is pizza oven crisp cooked on a stone and your outdoor grill. My favorite recipe for dough is from The Elements of Pizza by local author Ken Forkish – yes, the Ken from Ken’s Artisan Pizza. My one reminder is to dock (pierce) your dough or it can inflate like a balloon as it did for me the first time I par-baked it on the grill. I remember the hysterical laughter coming from our patio when my husband opened the lid to the Q, only to find this large bubble. Lesson learned.

Top your creation with your favorites. Right now at my house, it is triple cheese and Urban Accents Classic tomato sauce with heirloom cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden. Pizza on the grill cooks quickly, multiple ‘zas can be made too so everyone can have their fave. Dinner is around 7:00.”

-Carolynn, Kitchen Kaboodle Bakeware Buyer


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