Finex Factory Fun

A good time was had by all at Thursday evening’s Finex factory tour. Thanks to everybody who came to see how these works of cookware art are made. Those of you who took advantage of the special pricing…you’re going to love those pans! We hope to persuade the gang at Finex to do this again with us, so stay tuned.

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  1. mkgehring says:

    We enjoyed the Finex tour – so cool to see the process and meet the folks who make it happen. The first thing I cooked in my new pan was eggs over easy. Tough test! But they didn’t stick! Thanks to you and the Finex folks for the tour and for making such awesome pans!

  2. Margaret Carter says:

    I have greatly appreciated Kitchen Kaboodle since coming to Pdx. As a mother of nine kids and a husband who wanted a four course meal every night, you helped me save time with gadgetries. I am still a shopper because the next generation is on the scene and I cook even more!
    Thank you!!

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