The Curriculum of Cuisine

I hate to admit it, but I am old enough to remember taking Home Ec. in high school, learning that “a pint is a pound the world around” and other tidbits of information. We learned to make biscuits without tunnels and even attempted pasta sauces in the 50 minute class. Yes, my teacher was Mrs. Koch…(pronounced cook, just like it should be for a Home Ec. teacher.)

Fast forward to 2016 when Home Ec. isn’t that common in high schools and learning about nutrition isn’t always as hands on. Former teacher Maggie Michaels has created a program called “The Curriculum of Cuisine” (TCC) which weaves academic learning with essential culinary skills, enhancing student classroom success and fostering wellness.

Maggie brings to the classroom culinary professionals five to seven times a semester. During these visits, students learn basic culinary skills. Language Arts curriculum is paired with cooking and Biology might be paired with gardening, simple examples, but the results have proven to be successful. Classes are tailored to work with the individual teacher lesson plans.

Kitchen Kaboodle recently partnered with Maggie, donating a collection of kitchen basics for her upcoming classes at Grant, Alliance, Wilson and Milwaukie high schools. After talking with Maggie, her passion for this program is obvious and infectious, I almost wish I was back in high school!

Check out the TCC website: for more information.


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