30 days of Food Processor Recipes: Day 1 • How To Make Lemon Curd in the Food Processor

To celebrate the return of the Cuisinart Trade In and Trade Up we are sharing recipes that feature the work horse of any kitchen: the Food Processor!

Food Processors really shine when put to the task of producing food products, the things we usually buy in a bag or tin at the store. Lemon Curd, that staple of tea time everywhere, is no different. Like any condiment it is always better made at home, without all the preservatives and added sugars that keep things stable on the grocery store shelf. Tart, with a healthy hint of sweetness, this Lemon Curd is perfect in just about any application and is a great tool to have stashed away in the fridge.

Head over to the Kitchn for the recipe: How To Make Lemon Curd in the Food Processor


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