MAKE: Moscow Mule with Bozorth Beverages Ginger Syrup

BozorthBozorth Beverage’s Ginger Syrup is out of this world. It’s made right here in Portland from the highest quality ingredients and comes in a single and double strength that is perfect for crafting your own ginger beer at home using nothing more than carbonated water. But it is not simply a soda syrup concentrate. Oh no. It can be used as a component of a marinade for salmon or as a glaze for root veggies like carrots. It is delicious mixed with water alone and sings in a ginger specific cocktail. And in a day and age where every ingredient is sourced ethically and locally it sure is cool knowing your ginger beer is from right here in Oregon, using good old Portland-area water (and without all the mysterious food additives and preservatives… not to mention the carbon foot print associated with bottling and shipping soda).

Below you’ll find a recipe for a Moscow Mule using Bozorth Beverage’s syrup. Experiment yourself and see what sort of concoctions you can come up with.

Join us at our NW 23rd Ave. Store tomorrow, Saturday, March 5th and give Bozorth Beverage’s Ginger syrup a try. We’ll be mixing up a couple batches of Moscow mules and non-alcoholic ginger beer all afternoon. 

the Moscow Mule

  • 1.5-oz. Vodka
  • 1 oz. Bozorth Beverages Ginger Syrup (available at Kaboodle)
  • 1-oz. Fresh Lime Juice + Lime Wedge
  • Mint Sprig
  • Carbonated Water

Pour the vodka and lime juice into a chilled copper mug containing several ice cubes. Top off with the ginger syrup and carbonated water and stir. Add more or less syrup to taste. Garnish with lime wedge and mint sprig. Enjoy!

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