Time & Oak, Whiskey Elements… and Tequila?

Alli at our Broadway Store is all in on the new Whiskey Elements from local Time & Oak Manufacturing:

“Picked up a pack of the Smoked Whickey Elements and a bottle of $15 tequila…the results? DELICIOUS. I ended up with a final product that tasted like a $40+ bottle of mezcal. What is mezcal, you may ask? Well it’s tequilas grown up, rough around the edges cousin that tastes a little smokey by the nature of its distilling.

I’ve been making “mezcal mules” with it. (Editor’s note: we have the barware covered, too!)

All you need is one ounce of lime juice and two ounces of the tequilla/mezcal in a copper moscow mule mug full of ice, then top it all off with ginger beer (the best, of course, being Cock’n’Bull ginger beer)!

Here’s a side by side of an original bottle of the same tequila and a bottle that’s been aging for 2 days.”

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