What were your Favorites in 2014?

Here are our favorite products of 2014. We’d love to hear what yours were. Let us know what was new in your kitchen or home in the last year that you really liked. We’ll randomly pick one of the comments and award the writer a $100.00 Kaboodle gift card! Happy New Year everybody.

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  1. Linda Horner says:

    My favorite was the support that Kitchen Kaboodle gave to our high school culinary arts program. The equipment purchased through your company allowed our students to bring their cooking stations up to industry standards. The Cuisinart Multi-Clad cookware sets, Cuisinart Food Processors, USA baking sheets and jelly roll pans as well as cooking thermometers have made their cooking experiences so much better. Thank you Kitchen Kaboodle!

  2. Lisa says:

    My favorite product you featured this year was the 16-slice apple cutter. The illuminated metal letter sign is a close second!

  3. Jean says:

    My Bonavita coffee maker!

  4. Mathew Morey says:

    Happy New Year, the theme for 2014 was all about coffee in our home. We added a Bialetti Moka pot and a Chemex to our coffee brewing collection. My hands down favorite cup is brewed with the Chemex with best full body and brings out the layers of flavor in every type off coffee bean. Though I still like to mix it up and keep the taste buds entertained!

  5. Julianne says:

    I love that grapefruit cleaner – the garment cleaner is incredible. It gets out every stain and it smells great. Worth th extra $$ for something amazing

  6. Evan says:

    Cast iron skillet and the knowledge to season it correctly!

  7. Ken Popper says:

    My favorite from 2014 was a tiny little flexible kitchen spatula!

  8. Corinne Gross says:

    My fav has been the Nespresso Virtuoline coffee maker. Makes wonderful coffee and espresso! What a time saver!

  9. Betty says:

    So hard to narrow it down- you have so many great products. For my husband, the coffee lover, the Nespresso is the best! For me, I love the Chantal set of pots and pans (durable, pretty, even cooking) AND the Cuisinart food processor (never thought I’d use it so much) AND the Borner Power Line mandoline (fast and sharp)!

  10. Ali says:

    My favorites this year were the fiestaware dishes we have from KK – they are almost indestructible!

  11. Jaben carsey says:

    I liked your penguin and polar bear cups where the animals did handstands!

  12. Cheryl Milo says:

    It’s a toss up for me, I love the apple slicer that makes 16 slim slices, great for eating or baking! Makes great dipping apples too!
    The next one is my Le Creuset pot. I’ve used it for roasted chicken, chili, soup it’s my favorite cooking/roasting pot! It looks beautiful and cleans up so nice. Beautiful from oven to table for serving!

  13. angie says:

    Swedish dishcloths!

  14. Roz says:

    I bought my husband your largest paella pan for Christmas. He was thrilled – and thought it was a great price. (He asked!) All our friends and relatives oohed and aahed when they saw it when they came for dinner on Christmas Day! They can’t wait to come over for paella now! 😉

  15. Teri Melof says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Technivorm Moccamaster. Best coffee ever! Also really enjoyed the little feather vulture I got for a halloween decoration…

  16. britt w says:

    my french press! Have finally learned how to brew the perfect cup of coffee in it, next up I plan on getting a Chemex

  17. hiddenart says:

    My new Spirelli is my favorite!

  18. cvmcrawford says:

    The 16-slice apple cutter is my favorite product of the year–simple and efficient.

  19. tammie says:

    Love the fact that I found kitchen kaboodle and they introduced me to the Mrs Meyers dish soap I love the one that smells like a Xmas tree year round I bought extras bottles of it just so I have it year round

  20. Amy says:

    The metal outdoor rocking chairs we purchased at the end of summer and hid until Christmas for our son and daughter-in-law–just the perfect additions for their front porch!

  21. Greg B says:

    snowflake dish towels

  22. Don Voeks says:

    A new Kithcen Aid Mixer——great for so many things.

  23. Ty Fredette says:

    I liked the Charles Viancin Lillypad Silicone Lid.

  24. A selection of silicone spatulas. I’ve got ceramic pans and these spatulas are wonderful. The small curved one is perfect for scraping out small jars. It also works well on the little 4-cup Cuisiinart I got a few years ago at Kitchen Kaboodle. Perfect for making pesto.

  25. Deanna Thompson says:

    Le Creuset! Sometimes an investment piece really does live up to the hype.

  26. Lucy says:

    Christmas Ornaments! Every year I buy a few really interesting, quality ornaments to add to my prized collection…amassed over many years, and for gifts for friends and family. In the last few years I’ve been a bit disappointed in what I’m found in the area, so I just didn’t buy any. But this year, I stopped in at Kitchen Kaboodle in Orenco and almost lost my mind. I was so excited to see so many wonderful ornaments! I bought several, but I’m still getting heart palpatations looking at my silver flying pig ornament hanging on my tree, which I also gave as gifts. Please thank your buyer (s). GOOD JOB!!

  27. Natalie says:

    Silicone lids! The Hibiscus 7″ lid even doubles as a jar opener.

  28. Kelly Lombardo says:

    The 4 inch pizza slicer. It is awesome 😊

  29. thesce says:

    Pizza Stone, hands down.

  30. Bel-Ami says:

    Oh, let me sing the praises of our new MochaMaster coffee maker! Makes PERFECT coffee quickly and quietly every morning (drunk fresh it’s as good as pour-over!) and the flask holds the coffee nice and hot for late-risers without any scalded taste. The Art Deco-ish style looks beautiful in my 1920’s kitchen, a nice thing for a countertop appliance. Yes, it’s expensive, but we’re talking COFFEE here.

  31. johnkaboodle says:

    On behalf of all of us here at Kaboodle, I’d like to say thanks to each and every one of you for letting us know about your favorite product. It’s great to hear that you liked these things. It really is. We think these things are pretty great, too and it’s nice to get confirmation on that.

    We randomly drew one reply from all the blog comments, and our winner is “tammie” who likes her Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. She is getting a $100 Kaboodle gift card. Congratulations, Tammie!

    Please let us know anytime you have a comment or question, good or bad. We truly love hearing from you! And thanks for being Kaboodle Insiders!

  32. Jennifer Greenberg says:

    I treated myself to a new zyliss peeler trio and realized that I didn’t hate prepping potatoes anymore!

  33. Claudia Maurer says:

    Back in the early 90’s I had to live in Florida for awhile. I missed Portland and Oregon so very much that I cried everything I heard Kenny G on the radio since he reminded me of the great Northwest. The other emotional item was the Kitchen Kaboodle catalog…when it arrived in my mailbox, I cried again….not a good day if I was looking at the catalog AND Kenny G came on the radio!! Kitchen Kaboodle catalog was my ‘securtiy blanket’ until I could come back home. Loved you for a very long time.

  34. Linda Lee says:

    Love the Reidel Wine Glasses, all the wonderful bling for Christmas that I do every year, the Fiesta ware which I keep adding colors to and I could go on and on. After reading some of the comments I can see there are some other things I’m going to get.

  35. Judy Echols says:

    Silicone lily pads were the best thing that I bought. I use them every day.

  36. Patti Hughes says:

    I love the lovely table covering and place mate always high quality and makes my table so inviting. Thank you kitchen kaboodle.
    Want ever your needs you can find it there. Sure do miss the Clackamas town center location,so now I go to NE location nice large store.

  37. Judy mann says:

    My favorite item was the garlic press. I do not like the smell of my hands after chopping garlic. The press reduces the order. Thanks

  38. Brittany Clark says:

    My food processor! I used it a lot last year making lots of hummus and pesto and love it!

  39. JoAnn Winters says:

    Last year we got the Nespresso for coffee, and the International water/tea kettle (fastest hot water in the west!). Best coffee and tea is at our house!

  40. Stephanie McDougal says:

    I loved the avocado all in one tool. It made cutting, pitting and slicing a piece of cake. I eat lots of avocados and getting nice slices by hand are difficult. This was easy. Thanks.

  41. Gail peake says:

    I love the reusable sticky tape for chips!
    GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!

  42. Christine Lentz says:

    I love the attention I receive when I walk into Kitchen Kaboodle! Helpful, patient, without hovering, but help is available when you need it. I used and used and used my microplane fresh herb mill all summer long. I also gave one to a young couple as part of a wedding gift, and also gave it to a friend of mine for her birthday. Fast, clean, efficient and cuts consistent pieces!!! Terrific for soups, salads, garnish, pasta sauce. Now that summer is over, I can buy fresh herbs that aren’t growing in my garden any longer, and still use it. I also gave my in-laws a Bonavita 8 cup coffee maker for a “just because” gift, and the coffee it makes is really robust and rich. (And let’s just say they needed some better coffee!)

  43. Elsa Bro says:

    I love my Nespresso Pixie and Milk Frother. Two buttons later and I’ve got a latte!

  44. TP says:

    My Oxo Good Grips 12″ Tongs with Silicone Heads. Perfect for a short person to get clothes out of an HE top loader washing machine without damaging either clothes or the washer.

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