Kamado Joe Friday: Smoked Pork Loin with Cherry Almond Glaze

To celebrate the season of moister meats and wood fired flavor we are sharing another Kamado Joe recipe each and every Friday. We’ll feature an amazing recipes from their Cooking Channel, featuring meat master John Setzler, and share Kaboodle staff recipes from time to time. From brisket to lasagne, salmon to smoked almonds, the Kamado Joe really does everything (we mean it, they have a recipe for cheesecake baked on the grill!).

It’s cherry season! Cherries make everything better, from pancakes to ice cream, iced tea to pie. There is not many foods out there that can’t be enhanced with the little sweet treats. This week we are sharing Kamado Joe’s recipe for Cherry Almond Glazed Smoked Pork Loin.

This recipe does call for Cherry Preserves… and this is the best time of year to stock your pantry shelves with this magic sauce. Click here for the Kitchn’s recipe (and try not to eat all of it before summer is over).

Check out the full recipe below:

Get more info on the Kamado Joe at our website: KAMADO JOE


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