31 days of Food Processor Recipes: Day 12 • The easiest way to make homemade Mayonnaise

To celebrate the return of the Cuisinart Trade In and Trade Up we are sharing recipes that feature the work horse of any kitchen: the Food Processor!

Mayonnaise is delicious. It’s a fact mayo-haters are often far too readily to dismiss. Why? All that store bought stuff isn’t all that great for you: lots of GMO soy and preservatives mucking up what should be a delicate emulsion of oil and eggs. Why not make it yourself, at home? It couldn’t be easier, and, even better, you can always revise the recipe slightly to fit the day’s meal: perhaps a little dill folded into the mix for a veggie sandwich, or maybe some chopped up chipotles to dip sweet potato fries in?

Head over to Umami Girl and see Mark Bittman’s recipe: The easiest way to make homemade Mayonnaise


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