31 days of Food Processor Recipes: Day 7 • Grilled Muhammara Kabobs

To celebrate the return of the Cuisinart Trade In and Trade Up we are sharing recipes that feature the work horse of any kitchen: the Food Processor!

Hailing from Syrian, Muhammara, shares a lot in common with other middle eastern dips like hummus and tzatziki; it is tasty as is, on veggies, spread on a sandwich, and tossed with grilled meats. What really sets this one apart, other than the earthy roasted flavor and tangy sweetness, is the amazing color. The recipe below calls for a hand blender. We think you might want use a food processor and double or triple the Muhammara recipe. Tomorrow’s lunch will thank you.

Check out the recipe at 101 Cookbooks: Grilled Muhammara Kabobs

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