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KamadoThis is a kamado. What is a kamado? Well, let’s go to Wikipedia, which says a kamado is traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fired earthen vessel used as a stove or oven. The kamado has been popularized in this country under the name Big Green Egg. This is my particular kamado at my home. I love it. With it, I can do everything from slow-cook a pork shoulder at 200 degrees, grill burgers at 500 degrees, crisp a pizza, bake bread, roast a chicken, everything I can do in an oven, under a broiler or on a stove.

By opening and closing the air intake at the bottom, and the outlet at the top, I can precisely control the temperature, which is visible on the large dial thermometer on the front. The kamado uses lump charcoal, not briquets, and has a large capacity, so I’m not always filling it up. I can use wood chips to add flavor if I want.

We’re looking for your opinions, because we’re considering selling these. The kamado in the picture would sell for around $900 (don’t hold us to that!), so it ain’t cheap. There are both smaller and larger models, too. What do you think? Couldn’t care less? Moderately interesting? Want one now? Let us know!

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  1. Andy says:

    I bought my kamado (a Primo) several years ago. Love it! Had Kaboodle sold them, I definitely would have shopped your inventory. I think it fits in with my perceptions of your upper tier product lines.

  2. Nina Olsson says:

    I would definitely get one if you carried them…..we love the flavor that charcoal imparts and I love the small size and aesthetics besides the versatile utility…..the big stainless gas cookers are an eyesore!!

  3. Becky Hering says:

    I have a Big Green Egg, but love the whole kamado concept, its the best grill out there and “YES” I think you should sell them, high end BBQ’s will never go out of style especially when people see all the cool things they can do.

  4. Genelle says:

    Grew-up with the green egg on our back patio, Please sell them! It’s a perfect Father’s Day gift.

  5. Steve Whisenhunt says:

    As a kid back in the early sixties we had one of these in the Philippines so its been around a long time. Back then it was called a Hibachi. It was not cheap then and from the price you mentioned I would rather buy another type. Surface area is small and if I remember right after its been fired up it becomes more fragile and more likely to break if hit accidentally.

  6. Jill says:

    Interesting. I saw one at Oregon Hot Springs and looked it up on Wikipedia. I have a Webber and would probably not get the egg in addition, however I may have gotten one had I not already had a BBQ

  7. carrie says:

    I’ve been considering one of these for years. Now if my go-to kitchen supply store (you) sold it, I probably would have purchased one years ago.

  8. carriebuttke says:

    I have been considering one of these little gems for years. Now, if my go-to kitchen supply store (you) carried this product, I probably would have taken the plunge years ago.

  9. Patti says:

    We had a kamodo that came from my husband’s stepfather who got it from the Philippines. For years it was our only BBQ – roast duck, steaks, chicken, whatever. Now it sits in our garage because its hard to get parts for it and some of the stone interior has cracked. Would love to see KK supply these and maybe parts too!

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