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Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 20

She’s a popcorn fanatic, so when Austyn recommends the Whirley Pop!, it just has to be great.

Check it our here: Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: the Cold-Brew Toddy Coffeemaker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 19

A fan of the tried-and-true, Mike loves coffee made in the cold-brew Toddy coffeemaker.

Check it our here: the Cold-Brew Toddy Coffeemaker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Dedica Espresso Maker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 18

When it comes to pulling a great shot of espresso, Danny reaches for the sleek Dedica espresso maker.

Come in and try a cup or see it online now: Dedica Espresso Maker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Brazen Plus Drip Coffeemaker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 17

Ted loves his cup from the unique SCAA-approved Brazen Plus drip coffeemaker.

See it here: Brazen Plus drip coffeemaker

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: The Garlic Perfection

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 16

Randy’s favorite gadget is the Garlic Perfection; it makes chopping garlic a breeze.

Check it out at The Garlic Perfection 

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Willamette Valley Confections

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 15

Lynn likes to serve up treats from Willamette Valley Confections, made right here in Portland.

See all the amazing offerings from local Willamette Valley Confections in store.


Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Illuminated Letters

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 14

All Hannah wants for Christmas is an illuminated letter “H”.

15 letters in 2 colorsIlluminated Letters


Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Pre de Provence Soaps

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 13

Patti loves triple-milled luscious Pre de Provence soaps from France.

See the full line of scents here: Pre de Provence Soaps


Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: Barrel-aged maple syrup

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 12

Maryann says breakfast will never be the same with barrel-aged maple syrup from the Woodinville Whiskey distillery.

Get your own bottle here: Barrel-aged maple syrup

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar: the Spirelli

Kaboodle’s Advent Calendar, Day 11

No gluten for Kathy, who makes veggie pasta with the Spirelli spiral cutter.

Check it out here: the Spirelli


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